The story of the indoor-tanning industry starts in 1975, when the brothers Jorg and Friedrich Wolff began selling their sunbeds and associated UV tanning lamps. By the late 1970’s, this idea that had taken root in Germany had spread around the world, establishing a global market for this new industry.

Solarium and Bellarium by Wolff System – creating a history..

In 1976, the first UV fluorescent lamp was developed for cosmetic applications (Wolff System tanning bed), forming the basis for all professional tanning lamps that were to follow and today still playing an important role in the market.

The year 1979 saw the introduction of a perfect complement to the Sun: Bellarium, a successful brand that approaches the natural spectrum of sunlight. Since that time the positive effects of the Sun have been accessible to people throughout the year.

Serving public welfare

Beyond our own intensive research and development work, here at Wolff System we are committed to exploring the positive effects of sunlight. In 1989 Wolff System initiated and funded the first Light Symposium in Riehen – an international platform for science and medicine. The generous research support was also supplemented by the awarding of the first Arnold Rikli Prize. Since that time, outstanding photobiological research work has been honoured annually with this award.

For better life

The motivation behind the Wolff brothers’ efforts was the idea of contributing to a healthier lifestyle, by eliminating vitamin D deficiencies and reducing the prevalence of skin diseases. Together this helps us to live a better life.

A German technology revolutionising the U.S. market

The founding in 1978 in New Jersey of WOLFF SYSTEM Corporation, operating today as WOLFF SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY Inc. in Atlanta, cleared the way for the exploration of the American market and eventually the triumph of the modern solarium around the world.

International network

In 2000 JW Holding GmbH was created, to give better support for the consolidated companies.

The partner companies of JW Holding are expert in the field of tanning lamps and vacuum tubes for solar thermal energy. In all business fields, the group has been a market leader in rendering technologies to the market for many years. The choice of business location also ensures the high quality that is associated with the phrase “Made in Germany”.

Currently, Wolff tanning lamps are among the most technologically advanced products in the tanning industry. The highest quality materials, innovative solutions, research and continuous development – these are what best describe the Wolff System brand.