Wolff System Brand

Wolff System – the Sunshine Makers, striving to satisfy your needs. Here at Wolff System we are considered a pioneer in the indoor-tanning industry as well as an innovative developer and manufacturer of custom-made UV lamps for both cosmetic and medical applications, for over 35 years.

We have an extensive understanding of the effects of UV radiation and the structural requirements of tanning beds, as well as decades of cooperation with leading equipment manufacturers in the market. The result is perfect matching of the UV tubes to each tanning device. Wolff System lamps are manufactured in Germany, certified under ISO 9001.


The fully automated production processes ensure the optimal management of all product and process parameters. We utilise only the world’s best UV luminescent materials, and produce our own high-quality glass. The advantage for you is that only the best glass is used, featuring ideal transmission levels.


Jorg i Friedrich Wolff

Wolff System lamps are at the cutting edge of technological development, but what does this mean for you?

Stable discharge, better energy balance, maximum output within the framework of legislation, optimised exposure times and impressive tanning results.