Wolff System High Pressure Lamps

The Wolff System high pressure range is on the cutting edge of technological development, and offers lamps giving exciting tanning results.

Wolff System lamps ensure optimal operating conditions and maintain their level of performance over their entire operating life.

Art. Item Type Wattage [W] Useful life [h]
798501 Supercrystal HI-TEC 400W R7s R7s 400 800
798541 Supercrystal HI-TEC 300-500W SE GY 9,5 300-500 800
30074 Supercrystal HI-TEC 400-600W SE GY 9,5 400-600 800
30073 Supercrystal HI-TEC 800W SE GY 9,5 600-800 800


Supernova 250-520 GY9,5C by Wolff System

NEW – Revolutionary high-pressure lamp by Wolff System

  • high-performance and extremely stable UV radiation parameters
  • 800h lifetime with small declines in emission during the whole period
  • high temperature performance due to gold-brown reflector
  • specially designed, coded socket, which allows you to use the lamp in different type of tanning beds
  • high-quality components, electrodes and thick wire connecting the electrodes, provide trouble-free usage
Art. Item Type Wattage [W] Useful life [h]
31245 Supernova 250-520 GY9,5C GY9,5C 250-520 800